Leflair grew 3 times after 1 month implementation


Just over a month of accepting transactions, Leflair has grown at a double-digit rate every week along record order numbers of over 6 times. The impressive growth helps Leflair achieve total sales 3 times higher than the expectations of Leflair team and Sopa investor.

Sau 1 tháng triển khai, Leflair tăng trưởng gấp 3 lần

Leflair brand has announced amazing business results of its shopping platform www.leflair.com after more than a month of operation. The platform received a record number of orders, 6 times higher compared to official launch. Last month, total sales were over 3 times the expectations of Leflair team and Sopa investor. Number of orders bring double-digit sales which has been steadily increasing since first weeks of trial. Sales continued to grow at an incredibly fast rate after the platform accepted official transactions and became favourable when major cities eased distancing restrictions due to Covid.

Sau 1 tháng triển khai, Leflair tăng trưởng gấp 3 lần

Along with favorable business conditions, Leflair enjoys new business advantages after Society Pass (Sopa) went IPO and was listed on Nasdaq with trading code SOPA on 11/11/2021. The company is offering 2,888,889 common shares at a price of 9 USD per share, expecting to earn about 26 million USD to reinvest in Sopa ecosystem, including Leflair brand.

Sau 1 tháng triển khai, Leflair tăng trưởng gấp 3 lần

This strategy allows users who shop on Leflair platform will also receive incentives on Leflair and other subsidiaries in the SOPA ecosystem in the future through Society Point. The program that is expected to be launched soon to position Society Pass as the leading loyalty platform connecting technology companies and potential e-commerce platforms in Southeast Asia, where there are fastest growing economies in the world such as Vietnam, the Philippines and Indonesia. Leflair users will also able to access great deals on other platforms in the Sopa ecosystem from e-commerce, travel, smart logistics to Restaurants & Dining (F&B).

Sau 1 tháng triển khai, Leflair tăng trưởng gấp 3 lần

The strength of its own ecosystem and IPO activity allow SoPa to have opportunities in using their newly generated capital. The fund works to create connection points and allow for leveraging of shared resources and experiences of senior management team to help expansion and improve service quality. Sopa also said that the capital raised from the IPO will be used to expand the platform through the acquisition of e-commerce and application companies in the region, especially placing the focus on the fast-paced economy in the region and the world such as Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia and other new markets like India and Bangladesh.

Sau 1 tháng triển khai, Leflair tăng trưởng gấp 3 lần

In this joint strategy, Sopa will also continue to pool capital into the reasonable-priced-designer-goods shopping platform Leflair to expand its business investment strategy to other countries in Southeast Asia in 2022. Among activities to stimulate shopping transactions on www.leflair.com, there’s a plan to launch the “Shopping Battle” campaign – The battle to hunt for designer goods at year-end season. This is LeFlair’s annual signature program which features 5 times higher than usual amount of hot deals. The program introduce new deals every 2 hours to meet year-end demands for fashion, beauty and home decor products.

Sau 1 tháng triển khai, Leflair tăng trưởng gấp 3 lần

LeFlair CEO and Vietnam representative Ngo Thi Cham said: “After Society Pass (Sopa) went IPO, the group announced the expansion business investment campaign for the whole business  ecosystem including LeFlair shopping platform. Extensive investment commitments from Sopa and support from the added values ​​of Sopa ecosystem will allow LeFlair to launch the LeFlair shopping app on Android and iOS. The “Shopping Battle” program will also stimulate sales via additional incentives and opportunities to shop at best price from high-quality and safe brands to consumers. Users who participate in shopping on the Leflair platform will receive many incentives on Leflair and other services among SoPa ecosystem in the future.

Through Leflair’s sale platform, Leflair business partners instantly reach more than 2 million potential customers who are passionate about brand-named shopping. In addition, as a part of SoPa’s ecosystem and Sopa’s commitment to long-term investment and expansion, Leflair also inherits technologies that optimize reaching target customers and organize marketing activities to bring in revenue and increase customer loyalty via the most direct and effective  way.

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