T&A Ogilvy wins gold at MMA Global Smarties X 2021


“Dove Hair Rewind Women’s Day” is the campaign that brought T&A Ogilvy and Dove Vietnam the Gold award at the MMA Global Smarties X 2021 in Machine Learning and AI category. .

T&A Ogilvy and Dove Vietnam wins the Gold award at the MMA Global Smarties X 2021- Machine Learning & AI category with the “Dove Hair Rewind Women’s Day” campaign. This year, it is Vietnam’s only Gold award at the most anticipated annual competition for “experts” in marketing industry.

In this campaign, Dove Vietnam chooses to honor women on International Women’s Day 8/3 by telling the emotional journeys of their hair to support women in cherishing and taking better care of their tresses.

Using Machine Learning and AI tools, Dove Vietnam collaborates with T&A Ogilvy to launch the “Dove Hair Rewind Women’s Day” campaign, which helps users to create their personal journey videos, successfully spreading the message. “My hair, my choice”.

Specifically, T&A Ogilvy has made an innovative breakthrough when applying technology to Dove Vietnam’s communication strategies. The initiative combines AI and data analysis to solve the problem of insight and user experience. “Dove Hair Rewind Women’s Day” focuses on applying AI technology and image recognition mechanism to scan and analyze hair styles (length, colors,…) from users’ public images. Finally, the mechanism arranges the information to create a video of the user’s personal hair journey.

In addition, T&A Ogilvy also applies AI technology to chatbot and user information management. The integrated advertising tool helps to increase interaction with users and to provide Dove Hair Intensive Repair program information, as well as directing users to retail websites for hair care products.

T&A Ogilvy đạt giải vàng tại MMA Global Smarties X 2021

This is a breakthrough that refreshes users’ experience in the digital environment, and at the same time maximizes personalized experiences with brand. Thus, despite the short deployment time, the novel approach has helped Dove Vietnam win target customers. The campaign has brought an impressive marketing effects such as 1007 videos created, more than 37.3 thousand interactions, and reaching about 11.4 million users. As the result, “Dove Hair Rewind Women’s Day” achieves the highest brand significance score in the cosmetics and personal care industry.

The 2021 MMA Global Smarties X Gold Award once again affirms T&A Ogilvy’s pioneering position in applying AI to provide innovative and unprecedented solutions in Vietnamese advertising market. Previously, the initiative “Toc Tien AI Clear Head” has applied machine learning/deep learning to create an AI version of female singer Toc Tien with 95% similarity in language use and communication on social medias. The program was key in helping Clear interact with and decode their users’ insight as a brand. Toc Tien Clear Head campaign was nominated at many major national and regional awards, including the Gold Award in the APAC region and the Global Silver Award at MMA Smarties 2020.

Continuous victories at prestigious awards in the Marketing industry have affirmed the efforts of T&A Ogilvy’s creative team, which is also the driving force for the company ongoing research and development of exciting and effective AI Marketing solutions for future marketing campaigns.

MMA Global Smarties X is a competition organized by MMA – a global organization based in New York City, USA. Launched in 2013, MMA Global Smarties X has grown rapidly, driving the transformation and innovation of the region’s mobile marketing sector.

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