Asian high-end home appliance provider Redroad is known for not only good quality but also good taste in product design. Redroad V17 handheld cordless vacuum cleaner is one of the best-selling vacuum cleaners in 2021 for the stunning look, unorthodox color design, and quality production.

This Christmas season, you have the best chance to upgrade your vacuuming gear with the Redroad V17 major discount. You’ll fall in love with it for not only the strong cleaning power but also the colorful look.

Make this Christmas more festive

Buy the colorful Redroad V17 with the Christmas special discount

Whether it’s for your parents, best buddy or partner, this useful and pretty Christmas gift will be a huge surprise.

Redroad pursues a “smart and beautiful life”. The look is an essential part of a smart home appliance and closely related to house decor. An exquisite and quality look will make it more enjoyable to the user.

The dust cup of Redroad V17, made of highly transparent, wear-resistant and resilient material, is clear like crystal. And the coating material from the world’s top brands like Musashi and PPG further adds to the quality of the machine. And the parts made with the diamond cutting process give the vacuum cleaner an artsy vibe.

The look of Redroad V17 is more than enough for a pretty Christmas gift.

Double roller brush and huge suction for deep clean

The gift must be useful and easy to use so whoever you’re buying it for knows you actually care. For a handheld cordless vacuum cleaner, the deep cleaning power of Redroad V17 will bring convenience to your friend whenever they use it.

The result of the industry-leading 120,000rpm digital brushless motor and patent air duct design is a whopping 26,500pa vacuum. Be it large pieces, deeply embedded dust or pet hair, Redroad V17 covers it all.

Buy the colorful Redroad V17 with the Christmas special discount

The special double roller brush of Redroad V17 has two high-density soft rollers and two carbon fiber rollers. Users can customize the combination of the brush according to their needs: hardwood floor, carpets, or mixed flooring. And the counter-direction movement of the rollers, high rotation speed, and strong centrifugal force guarantee better cleaning performance of the rouble roller brush.

Lower noise and cleaner air

Don’t assume that Redroad V17 is louder just because it has a higher suction. Redroad V17 has the home-making Mantolo 9-stage noise reduction system. The 65dB won’t disturb the user at all. And the 12-cone cyclonic dust separation system can separate 99.97% fine dust down to 0.3 microns to make sure the outflowing air is surgically clean. Such design can extend the service life of the HEPA filters, reduce secondary pollution, and protect the health of the family.

Buy the colorful Redroad V17 with the Christmas special discount

Long runtime and versatility, deep clean anywhere and anytime

Redroad V17 has a 2,500mAh lithium-ion battery. On Eco mode, it can run for 60 minutes, cleaning 200sqm in a go.

Redroad V17 can be used not just in the house. Anyone who owns a car will love this powerful cleaning gear. The crevice nozzle can be used to clean the nooks and crannies in the car, the dusting brush for the seats, and the wide nozzle and hose for waste under the seats.

You cannot miss this Christmas discount. Make life easier for your loved ones. They will appreciate it.

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