VinFast opens US headquarter


VinFast – the smart electric car brand from Vietnam – opens their official USA headquarter on November 16, 2021. The Mayor of Los Angeles city, other city officials, and California officials participate the ceremony.

Los Angeles’ city office directly announces VinFast headquarter’s opening ceremony. California’s officials including top Economic Adviser Dee Dee Myers, Deputy Mayor Nina Hachigian among others participate the event.

VinFast US headquarter locates at Playa Vista – the “Silicon beach” of Los Angeles where other major hi-tech corporations operate. The Los Angeles city and the state of California facilitating green transportation is especially beneficial for VinFast in their goal of becoming a global smart electric car brand.

The Mayor of Los Angeles city Eric Garcetti stated: “Los Angeles is the haven  for innovation in transformative transportation in the world. It is where corporations choose to test and introduce new technologies. We are honoured to have VinFast joining us as we continue to be leaders in clean and sustainable transportation and connectivity.

VinFast US CEO Nguyen Thi Van Anh also said: “We are excited to have VinFast US headquarter here at Los Angeles. The state of California as well as California south is on the fast lane to become the center of transformative transportation. It is the location that attracts innovative ideas and talents. We greatly appreciate Governor of California Gavin Newsom and Mayor Eric Garcetti for their efforts in supporting VinFast.

VinFast chính thức ra mắt trụ sở tại Mỹ

VinFast US headquarter is approximately 1400 square meters and will continue to be expanded in the future. This will be the workplace of VinFast leaders and more than 400 employees. In concurrent with opening the headquarter, VinFast US will invest in branch offices, customer services, and a network of showrooms to increase brand awareness, introduce their electronic cars to US consumers, and expand their future investments.

At the press conference, Mayor Garcetti announces the Global Los Angeles initiate which aims to attract global investment to the city.

The event happens shortly after the state of California announces VinFast among a small number of selected foreign corporations that received favourable tax deductions this year. Following VinFast commitment to initially invest more than 200 million USD and create stable jobs for at least 1000 locals, VinFast received 20,5 million USD in tax deduction from the CalCompetes program.

Dee Dee Myers, Head of Go-Biz team stated: “I’m glad to hear that VinFast received tax deductions from the CalCompete program. Their decision to establish headquarter in California will help to reinforce the California leading position in innovation and sustainable development. We look forward to working with VinFast the future.”

This is the largest tax deduction from the CalCompetes program to an automobile company. It is also one of the largest tax deductions given in the 10 years history of the program.

VinFast will officially introduce two car models VF e35 and VF e36 at Los Angeles Auto Show starting from November 17 to November 28. The two models are equipped with Advanced Driver Assistance System and smart entertainment system developed by VinFast. VinFast is the only automobile brand from Vietnam bringing sustainable and eco-friendly system to global market.

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