At the Vietnam Industry 4.0 Summit 2023, Mr. Le Nho Thong – Huawei Vietnam’s Deputy Director of Huawei Digital Power Business gave a keynote speech on the topic “Energy Solutions for Vietnam”.

Vietnam Industry 4.0 Summit, chaired by the Central Economic Committee in collaboration with ministries and agencies, has been an annual event for several years and aims to connect stakeholders to promote national digital transformation and develop an innovation ecosystem in Vietnam. With the goal of implementing Resolution No. 29-NQ/TW, Vietnam Industry 4.0 Summit 2023 focuses on the theme “Promoting digital transformation and green transformation fast and sustainably to create a breakthrough in shortening the country’s process of industrialization and modernization to 2030, with vision for 2045”.

Mr. Le Nho Thong – Huawei Vietnam’s Deputy Director of Huawei Digital Power Business gave a keynote speech on the topic “Energy Solutions for Vietnam” at the 3rd Symposium of the event. In which, Mr. Le Nho Thong pointed out 03 wheel-factors to accelerate the process of energy transformation from “natural resources” to “technological innovation”: global consensus in carbon neutralization, energy security to achieve energy independence, technological advance to pursue business value.

Huawei proposes solar energy solutions for Vietnam
Mr. Le Nho Thong – Huawei Vietnam’s Deputy Directorof Huawei Digital Power Business shared in the event

With more than 10 years of focus on solar energy, Huawei has strived to overcome challenges through long-term Research and Development (R&D) plans and continuous innovation, to bring breakthrough solutions to customers. Mr. Le Nho Thong emphasized: “Huawei is constantly innovating our technologies, products, and solutions. We are also working closely partners who share our vision to set standards and drive the solar power and smart storage industries forward.”

To accelerate energy transition and work towards carbon neutrality, Huawei Digital Power has deployed digital energy solutions in over 100 countries and territories, serving one third of the world’s population. In 2022, the digital energy technology business vertical was enhanced by the Group to a new level after producing a total installed capacity of up to 90.7 GWsmart of solar power controllers. Such capacity was allocated as follows: 56.6GW for basic utilities (power plants, water, gas…), 24.7GW for industry and commerce, and 9.4GW for home consumption.

Thong said that by 2022, Huawei had held 30% of the global market share for the Smart PV Controller market, with a total capacity of up to 300GW. By 2022, Huawei’s Smart String ESS had also accounted for 14% of the global market share, and the share of partner sales increased to 77% compared to 65% in 2021. Huawei’s digital energy technology solutions have contributed to the production of 7,695 billion kWh of green electricity, reducing carbon emissions by 3.5 million tons – equivalent to planting 4.8 billion trees – contributing immensely to the world’s future of greener and smarter energy transition.

With more than 30 years of focus on R&D, Huawei continues to bring about new breakthroughs in the industry in core technologies such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and high-power electronics, providing breakthrough solutions for all scenarios, helping to accelerate the development of solar power and energy storage.

Huawei proposes solar energy solutions for Vietnam
The expo area of Huawei Vietnam at the event attracted many delegates and guests interested in energy industry.

FusionSolar 8.0: Create A Future-proof Smart PV Generator

FusionSolar 8.0 offers customers two benefits: First, the smart PV generator promises improved grid stability; second, the world’s first “Gemini” ±1500V design can help to support higher voltages, thus could reduce LCOE by 7%.

Huawei’s FusionSolar smart solar solution has been widely recognized by customers and partners globally for providing clean solar energy by integrating high-power and digital electronics technology. Since the launching of FusionSolar 1.0 in 2014, Huawei has made many improvements to this solution and has officially introduced FusionSolar 6.0+ with higher productivity in 2020. Huawei FusionSolar enables comprehensive power transmission for a 2.2GW solar power plant in Qinghai (China), using Huawei’s first AI-based smart grid connection algorithm. A report released by TÜV in March 2022 showed that the solution has achieved 99.999% availability.

FusionSolar versions from Huawei have helped customers achieve their goals in various stages, helped lowering prices to parity with conventional electricity prices, and increase economic efficiency. This effect was validated at DualA Photon plants in Germany, the 150-MW Saishi in Japan, the 220-MW Navojoa in Mexico, the 450-MW Rajasthan in India, and so on. From 2021, FusionSolar began to increase carbon neutrality for the 152-MW Montmédy – Marville in France, the 106-MW Victoria in Australia, and others.

Huawei proposes solar energy solutions for Vietnam

C&I 2.0 Smart Solar Power Solution for Sustainable Industry and Commerce

Amid widespread power shortages and rising energy prices, businesses are looking for ways to cut electricity costs as well as carbon emissions. To meet this demand, Huawei has launched its C&I 2.0 smart solar power solution specifically for industry and commerce. C&I 2.0 includes an all-new three-phase inverter, smart chain energy storage, which can be combined with a high-power air conditioning system and a smart solar power optimizer.

Compared to previous C&I versions, C&I 2.0 has a highly flexible design, suitable for all models. The solution has been applied to the whole industrial sector, helping thousands of customers and partners achieve sustainable business goals including the Dubai Port, a paint factory in the Netherlands, the CNPC Petrol Station in Wuhan, the Shanghai Food Factory, etc. The solution has helped many industries transition to the low-carbon era with optimized electricity costs, proactive safety, and smart operation and maintenance.

Green Home Power solution “1+4+X” ready for the future

After launching the “1+3+X” 2.0 Green Home Power solution in 2021, Huawei introduced the latest upgraded “1+4+X” design in 2022. The solution integrates a smart energy controller connecting, among other things, a module controller, a smart string energy storage unit, a solar charger and a management system enabling the ecosystem to consume electricity intelligently.

This raises the self-consumption rate of solar power to 90% from 70% in the previous generation, providing a comprehensive clean energy experience for homes with lower electricity costs, proactive safety and smart support. When applied widely, the “1+4+X” solution brings energy independence to everyone, helping homes switch to 100% green energy.

Mr. Thong emphasized that 10 years ago the solar power industry developed smart string technology, in the next 10 years, smart storage technology (ESS) will be widely adopted.  The combination of solar power and smart storage (ESS) will accelerate solar power becoming the main source of energy in the future. Meanwhile, the “Solar Power – Energy Storage System (ESS) – Power Grid – Virtual Power Plant” complex will create smart solar power generation super plants.

The world’s first typical projects include Qinghai Solar Power Plant (China), which has completed more than 180 large-frequency and high-voltage interference grid connection tests, the world’s largest 400MW+1.3GWh Micro Solar Power Grid Plant and carbon neutrality to provide clean electricity to one million people in Saudi Arabia,…

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