Vero, a Southeast Asia-focused communications consultancy, today announced two new hires set to reinforce its regional capacity of data insights, and brand storytelling.

With deep roots in public relations, Vero focuses on delivering a unified solution to provide businesses with a competitive edge, combining top quality social media, digital marketing, and creative and public relations capabilities across a wide range of verticals, ranging from manufacturing, to aviation, FMCG to cosmetics and fitness.

“In a world still dealing with the impact of COVID-19, consumer expectations are continuously shifting, requiring brands to be light on their feet, observant, responsive, and ready to adapt to the needs of their consumers,” said Vero COO Raphael Lachkar. “Acknowledging the formidable challenges facing our clients, we want to equip businesses with the knowledge and tools to capitalize on the underlying opportunities of the moment.” He continued “the reinforcement of these pillars of our expertise will help our clients to continue thriving in the ever-evolving digital landscape.”

Two New Hires at Vero reinforce its regional capacity in Data, Analytics and Brand Storytelling

With a proven track record in data analytics and consumer insights, Thach Quang Nguyen has joined Vero as Data Intelligence Unit Lead. He will be responsible for boosting data performance capabilities across the region to drive meaningful data-driven communications efforts that resonate with Vero’s clients’ target audiences. Prior to joining Vero, Thach worked as a Market and Consumer Insight Analyst at Unilever, specializing in brand consultation and new product development.

Thach said “I am really excited to be joining Vero at such an interesting time for data intelligence. Effective data analysis is a key part of decision-making for any organization that wants to connect with audiences. The way that consumers use digital platforms has changed a lot in the past year, leaving space for innovation in business strategy and I’m thrilled to be working with a consultancy who’s at the forefront of this in Southeast Asia.

Two New Hires at Vero reinforce its regional capacity in Data, Analytics and Brand Storytelling

The appointment of Catherine Napalai Faulder as Vero’s Storytelling Director will help the agency unleash the art of storytelling, bringing brand’s stories to life and deepening customer relationships across every stage of the engagement life cycle. Catherine brings a wealth of industry experience to help define, shape, and drive creative visions and strategy across Vero ASEAN’s offerings.

“When storytelling is applied to the business world it gives us a more natural way of exploring how brands can communicate with audiences. Storytelling is an ancient art form, a way for us to make sense of the world and make connections to each other. When used correctly it can be a powerful tool for any brand,” said Catherine.  “I’m thrilled to be joining Vero, to help them discover the best ways for brands to unlock, plan and curate their stories for the world to engage with.”

Vero’s expanding and dynamic team spans five different locations across Southeast Asia, positioning them as a key player in communications consultancy both at a regional and local level.

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