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Tech for Life

Tech for Life

Grab Việt Nam công bố sáng kiến giảm phát thải khí carbon, góp phần ứng phó với biến đổi khí hậu

Grab Vietnam announces initiative to reduce carbon emissions

Grab Vietnam announced a partnership with the Sustainable Living Community Development and Support Fund (Life Fund) to implement the Grab for Good Forest project, with a commitment to make a carbon-neutral contribution for 1 million USD.

Cho Tot launches Viec Lam Tot website

Nền tảng tìm việc và tuyển dụng VIỆC LÀM TỐT (www.vieclamtot.com) đã được trang mua bán, rao vặt trực tuyến Chợ Tốt chính thức ra mắt.

‘So no one left behind’ project helps locals start online F&B businesses

The “So no one is left behind” project in Ho Chi Minh City provides vocational training and expertise to family members of Gojek driver partners and helps them set up digital businesses.