Summer typically brings to mind the sun, sand, and sea, but this year, Millennial and Gen Z travelers across Asia-Pacific (APAC) are embracing their inner culture vultures and seeking inspiration from their travels. Klook unveils insights into the vibrant travel motivations of these demographics for this season.

“More than half (53%) of Millennials and Gen Zs are ready to travel abroad this summer, and they are looking to make their summer holidays more colorful and memorable through inspiring experiences,” shares Marcus Yong, Vice President of Global Marketing at Klook. “This summer marks a milestone as Asia fully reopens after three years, and we witness these travelers ramping up on their plans for an unforgettable holiday season.”

The search for inspiration is a powerful motivator for many Millennial and Gen Z travelers in APAC, with 1 in 4 travelers actively seeking it out on their journeys.

2023’s summer palette seeks to inspire

When planning a holiday, many travelers focus on practical details such as accommodation, transportation, and a well-planned itinerary. However, one aspect that is often overlooked is the power of using colors and the feelings they can evoke.

This summer, the color purple takes center stage as the symbol of inspiration, with Millennials and Gen Zs eagerly embracing cultural experiences to find inspiration during their travels.

“Traveling is a gateway to self-discovery and personal growth, with a growing trend among Millennials and Gen Zs seeking inspiration through immersive experiences. They crave connections with diverse cultures, artistic expressions, and the inspiration that the world offers,” says Marcus Yong.

Klook: Millennials and Gen Zs Take Flight as Culture Vultures

Some of the ways travelers find inspiration is by being out in nature and through exploring a city. Interestingly, Millennials (49%) prefer being out in nature compared to Gen Zs (39%), who lean towards city-based activities. One-third of these travelers are interested in immersive experiences such as museum visits and art jamming workshops, with Klook seeing over 30% increase in bookings for these cultural activities in 2023 compared to end 2022.

When it comes to regional differences, travelers from Hong Kong (44%) are most likely to find inspiration by hitting the concrete to get to know a city better while travelers from Vietnam (49%) are more drawn to the outdoors and nature. Some of the top outdoor experiences enjoyed by Vietnamese travelers include island hopping and boat tours, theme parks, water activities (snorkeling, sea walk, scuba diving), hiking and trekking in nature parks.

Getting that perfect summer holiday with color psychology

When it comes to making this summer holiday one to remember, colour can play a big role in shaping travelers’ experiences.

According to Principal Psychologist Dr Geraldine Tan from The Therapy Room, color can influence travelers in subtle but significant ways, affecting their mood, behavior, and overall enjoyment of their trip.

“The colors and environments we come across during travel can strongly affect our emotional state and influence our actions, making us more inclined towards certain activities. On a beach vacation, the cool colors of the ocean and sky might help travelers feel more free and calm, and be more inclined towards relaxing activities. Or when they visit a bustling city, the bright colors might make them feel energized and excited, and more inclined to take part in hands-on experiences.” says Dr Geraldine Tan. 

Here are some ways in which travelers can use color psychology to hack that holiday feeling they are after.

Seek blue for freedom

Klook: Millennials and Gen Zs Take Flight as Culture Vultures

Blue evokes a sense of freedom and limitlessness. 52% of travelers across Asia Pacific and 55% of travelers from Vietnam associate the color blue with the feeling of freedom during their summer journeys, with top holiday activities being beach days and road trips. In 2023, road trips are one of the most sought-after activities, with car rental bookings growing more than a third since the start of the year.

Embrace purple for inspiration

Klook: Millennials and Gen Zs Take Flight as Culture Vultures

Purple symbolizes inspiration and creativity. It sparks the imagination and encourages exploration of new experiences. The top destinations with travelers searching for inspiration through cultural activities this summer are Vietnam (33%), Singapore (28%) and Thailand (28%).

Find peace in green for relaxation

Klook: Millennials and Gen Zs Take Flight as Culture Vultures

The color green is often linked to nature, which is known to bring about healing and renewal, and can evoke a sense of peacefulness. Travelers from Singapore (60%), the Philippines (57%) and Vietnam (51%) seek relaxation through wellness-based activities such as a spa session, while travelers from Taiwan (32%) and Thailand (30%) find it through nature-based physical activities like hiking instead.

Discover joy in orange

Bright colors like orange evoke feelings of joy, happiness, and optimism. While joy is a significant holiday feeling for 47% of travelers across APAC and 65% of travelers in Vietnam, the experiences that bring them joy vary. Gen Zs prefer seeking joy through the adrenaline of theme parks (46%) compared to Millennials (32%), who find more delight in being outdoors in nature.

By understanding and utilizing color psychology principles, travelers can chase that perfect summer vibe and create unforgettable memories. What does your summer palette look like? Find your shade of summer on Klook now.

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