On November 12, Cho Tot – an online trading and classifieds site – launches their job search and recruitment platform VIEC LAM TOT (GOOD JOB) (www.vieclamtot.com). The new platform which brings better job opportunities hopes to improve the livelihood of millions of unskilled workers. Between 2021 to 2025, Viec Lam Tot seeks to match more than 40 millions unskilled workers and participates in solving current employment problems in Vietnam economy

Cho Tot officially started in Vietnam market in 2013 as a 2.0 online classifieds platform for buying and selling goods and connecting various services from real estate (Cho Tot Nha website), motorbikes & cars (Cho Tot Xe website), used goods, and jobs… Over the years, the jobs section on Cho Tot has recorded a spectacular growth rate of more than 40% annually.

In 2021, the Jobs section on Cho Tot reached the milestone in providing 12 million jobs for the labor market. In order to serve their users’ needs, Cho Tot launches a job search and recruitment website Viec Lam Tot (www.vieclamtot.com), which specializes in recruitment for unskilled labors.

Cho Tot launches Viec Lam Tot website

Sharing about the launch of Viec Lam Tot site, Mr. Nguyen Trong Tan – General Director of Cho Tot said: “Cho Tot has provided a smart, easy-to-use technology platform in the last 8 years that millions of people can use to find liquidated items, a favorite car or a low cost home.

The launch of the Viec Lam Tot site to serve and connect more than 40 million unskilled workers to open jobs in Vietnam will help us move closer to our mission of improving the livelihood Vietnamese people. Workers can find better job opportunities via a one-touch application in less than a minute. In the future, Viec Lam Tot would also focus on skills upgrade to further improve employment opportunities, thereby improving income and quality of living.”

Cho Tot launches Viec Lam Tot website

According to the General Statistics Office of Vietnam, the number of unemployment within the working age group exceeds 1.8 million people in the third quarter of 2021 due to the impact of COVID 19. It is the highest level of unemployment in the last 10 years. The Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs reports that more than 17.8% of businesses are facing labor shortage.

Viec Lam Tot’s launch will help mending the short term labor shortage while participating in solving long term supply and demand of unskilled workers. As the current economic trend in Vietnam focuses on industrial and service sectors and the shift in labor structure, Viec Lam Tot predicts the unskilled labor force will reach 43 million people by 2025.

Cho Tot launches Viec Lam Tot website

In regard to development orientation, Ms. Tran Minh Ngoc – Director of Viec Lam Tot said, “In order to become an effective and reliable recruitment platform for businesses and workers, we will invest in technology and digital data to bring smart digitization solution to reduce recruitment’s time and resources while ensuring the abundance of top-qualified candidatesfor businesses. At the same time, we will also strengthen collaboration with agencies, departments and professional training organizations to improve professional skills for workers.”

As one of the first job and recruitment websites focusing on the unskilled labor segment in Vietnam, Viec Lam Tot has a simple, user friendly interface that will optimize for the experience of job seekers within the 24 approved occupations including Retailers, Workers, Shippers, Security Officers, Kitchen Assistants, Drivers…

Job seekers can quickly apply for jobs within 1 minute by directly contacting recruiters via phone calls, text messages, or create a brief application in 5 steps. In October 2021, Good Jobs has more than 3.2 million job searches and more than 1.4 million job postings.

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